Human Resources
Policies and Procedures Manual

Departmental Responsibility: Office of Human Resources
Topic: Leave - Hazardous Weather & Emergency
Policy: Other Leave Programs
September 28, 2006
Last Revised Date: November 21, 2011

Leave:  Hazardous Weather and Emergency

To prevent the unnecessary endangerment of all state employees in the event of hazardous weather or emergency conditions determined by the Governor.

All employees scheduled to work at the time of the hazardous weather or emergency condition in the geographical area of the condition or the entire state as determined by the Governor.

Any essential or direct care service employees as determined by each agency.  Any employee can be deemed essential at any time of the year without the employee’s awareness.

Upon issuing a Declaration of Emergency, the Governor has the authority to excuse all employees of State government from reporting to work during extreme weather or other emergency conditions. "Emergency conditions" means circumstances that would expose employees to harmful or unsafe conditions as determined by the Governor’s Office. Unless such a Declaration of Emergency has been issued, all State government employees are expected to report to work.

Exception - Nothing contained in this Section precludes the necessary immediate evacuation of a facility by an individual in an appropriate supervisory capacity in the interest of personal safety.

The Declaration may be applicable to all employees in the entire State, or only to those employees who live or work in one geographical region of the State, or a combination of geographical regions.

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