Human Resources
Policies and Procedures Manual

Departmental Responsibility: Office of Human Resources
Topic: Worker's Compensation
Policy: Worker's Compensation
October 01, 1985
Last Revised Date: November 21, 2011

Worker’s Compensation

Provide compensation and associated benefits in accordance with legislation for injury received in the course of employment.

All employees working for Clemson University.


This law can provide the following benefits for work injured employees.

  • All prescribed medical treatment and prescription charges necessary to resolve the injury or to bring about maximum medical improvement of a permanently impairing condition.
  • Emergency medical transportation when needed. Also, travel mileage reimbursement for medical treatment more than five (5) miles from the employee's residence.
  • Compensation for loss of pay from work injury absences beyond seven (7) calendar days.
  • Compensation for permanent impairment, serious disfigurement, or death.

More detailed information on Worker’s Compensation and filing worker’s compensation claims is available on the Office of Risk Management’s Worker’s Compensation website.

The language used in this document does not create an employment contract between the employee and the agency. The document does not create any contractual rights or entitlements. The agency reserves the right to revise the content of this document, in whole or in part. No promises or assurances, whether written or oral, which are contrary or inconsistent with the terms of this paragraph create any contract of employment.