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Topical Index

Alcohol and Controlled Substance Testing Policy

Applying for a Social Security Number Procedure

Award Program Policy

Background Checks Procedure

Background Checks Policy

Bonus Program Policy

Categories of Positions Policy

Classification Plan Policy

Compensation Policy Policy

Contact with State Officials Policy

Determining FLSA Status of Positions Procedure

Direct Deposit Policy

Discipline Policy

Discipline for "Non-Covered" Employees Policy

Domestic Violence in the Workplace Policy

Drug and Alcohol Policy

Drug and Alcohol Testing for Clemson University Police and Fire Department Policy

Dual Employment Policy

Dual Employment Procedure

Emergency Closing Policy Policy

Emergency Closing Procedures Procedure

Employee Assistance Program Procedure

Employee Performance Policy

Employee Recognition Program Policy

Employee Service Award Program Procedure

Employment Verification Policy Policy

Equal Pay Provisions Policy

Ethics Policy

Graduate Student Employment Policy

Graduate Student Workers Policy

Grievance Policy Policy

Hiring an International Employee without a Social Security Number Procedure

Hiring Policy Policy

Holidays Policy

Hourly Paid Employees Policy

International Employment Procedure

International Employment and Tax Procedure

International Student Workers Policy

Lactation Support Policy Policy

Leave - Annual Leave Policy

Leave - Continuing Benefits During Approved Leave of Absence Procedure

Leave - Court Policy

Leave - Funeral Policy

Leave - Grant Personal Leave Policy

Leave - Military (Short and Long Term) Policy

Leave - Other Paid Types of Leave Policy

Leave - Sick Policy

Leave - Unauthorized Absence Policy

Life Sciences Act Bonus Program Policy

Missing Funds and/or Property Policy

Nonexempt Employee Timekeeping Policy Policy

On Call and Call Back Pay Policy

Overtime & Compensable Time Policy

Payroll Deductions Procedure

Payroll Processes Procedure

Personal Communication Stipends Policy

Personal Communication Stipends Procedure

Political Office Policy

Probationary Period and Trial Status Policy

Promotions Policy

Reassignments and Transfers Policy

Reclassification Policy

Reclassification of a Filled or Vacant Position Procedure

Reduction In Force Policy

Regular (FTE) Part-Time and Temporary Staff Policy

Regular (FTE) Part-Time and Temporary Teaching Faculty and Staff Policy

Reissue/Lost Check Policy

Replacement of Check Due to Closed Bank Account Policy

Request FLSA 13(A)(3) Exemption Procedure

Request to average paid service hours for summer camp/seasonal workers Procedure

Separation from Employment Policy Policy

Social Security Taxes Policy

South Carolina State Credit Union Policy

Special Payments Policy

Supplemental Retirement Procedure

Telecommuting Policy

Temporary Classification Policy Policy

Temporary Light Duty Return to Work Program Policy

Travel Time Policy

Tuition Assistance Policy

Unauthorized Work Policy

Undergraduate Student Employment Pay Scale Policy

Undergraduate Student Workers Policy

Volunteers Policy

Worker's Compensation Policy

Workplace Violence Policy

Workweek Policy