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CU-iMSE director Keith Evan Green's new book, Architectural Robotics: Ecosystems of Bits, Bytes, and Biology (MIT Press) released Februrary, 2016 and available from Amazon.

The LIT ROOM was featured in the Huffington Post.

"Hybrid Ecologies: Architectural Robotics and Spatial Computing" is the name of the new strategic partnership formed by CU-iMSE's Architectural Robotics Lab, TU Delft's Hyperbody Research Group, and The Bartlett School's Space Syntax Lab. This partnership aims to enhance research and graduate student advising.

• Mike Ellison has been selected to receive the Theodore von Kármán Fellowship of Exploratory Research Space (ERS) at RWTH Aachen University.

The NSF-funded ART Project was the subject of our CHI 2014 paper. See the CHI Video Preview, and also our Interaction and Architectural Space workshop.

CU-iMSE directors Keith Evan Green and Ian Walker are PIs for the LIT ROOM, an evocative, literacy-support environment, awarded $200k under NSF EAGER.

CU-iMSE now offers the opportunity to earn a Certificate in Digital Ecologies.

• CU-iMSE was awarded software from Siemens PLM valued at $1,551,455

An interview with Keith Evan Green was featured in Architectural Record.